Discover Your Freedom Coaching Programme



An amazing programme for expectant mum`s and new parent`s on how to truly discover your super life. Access your programme 24/7 days a week learn how to discover your freedom during pregnancy and as a new parent and live a super life.

10X your thinking and productivity which will in turn increase freedom from poor mindset and negative beliefs that are holding you back. It’s important to have a great mindset accompanied with the right knowledge is vital for survival especially in preparation for your next chapter in your life.

As a nurse and midwife I’ve witnessed the journey new mum’s take many times. Many of them struggle to live up to impossible standards, or expect to feel a ‘certain way’ once they become a mother. Others enjoy the burst of adrenalin when their baby arrives, but then feel abandoned and lonely once everything goes ‘back to normal’.

My antenatal and postnatal coaching is all about accepting the kind of changes new mum’s experience, in their bodies, their emotions, their relationships and their daily lives. Together we find ways to chart a steady course, and explore:

•How to manage your role as a mother
•Who you are now, and how that differs from who you were
•The myths around motherhood – dispelling those that can do you harm
•Skills for surviving broken nights, and poor sleep
•How to communicate clearly with your partner about what you’re going through
•Techniques for challenging negative thought patterns

Free Bonuses
•Hypnosis confidence and abundance audio
•Mental Health Planner
•Get the formula for building the right goals
•Finally start enjoying the life you deserve


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