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Rights you didn’t know you had when pregnant in the workplace

When you first become pregnant, you might look at your company’s maternity leave and maternity pay guidelines, and speak to your line manager about next steps. There may be quips of information previously-pregnant employees might tell you, or things you find on Google too. But here are some things you may not know you can

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Tips to Destress that are Actually Helpful for New Mums

The general advice for being healthy goes along the lines of balanced eating, exercising every day and sleeping for six to eight hours every night. But what mum is going to be able to get eight uninterrupted hours when they have a new born baby? To relax, you might be advised to go on a

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Five Little Questions You Want Answering About Pregnancy

Can you take paracetamol? Yes! The NHS states it is safe for both mother and baby, and causes no ill effects to either. This is the recommended first choice of painkiller, but should still be taken at the lowest dosage for the shortest amount of time. Ibuprofen and Nurofen on the other hand, should be

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Morning Sickness vs Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

Here we will be debunking and answering your questions about pregnancy nausea, so you know what is normal and what is not in your pregnancy.   What is morning sickness? Also known as pregnancy nausea, morning sickness is a sick feeling pregnant women can develop that can hit at any point in the day (despite

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Mother and father with newborn. Start4life

Start4Life should have started a long time ago.

Whilst the recent introduction of the Start4Life initiative is very welcomed, it raises the question- why was it not introduced sooner?  A new care package totalling £500 million was announced last weekend. This marks one of the biggest investments into perinatal and family services since the 1999 Sure Start policy. Perinatal and family services have

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Pregnancy Myths and Misconceptions

You’ve found out you’re pregnant, and are preparing to tell your family and friends your exciting news. But, as soon as you open your mouth and the words begin to pass your lips, you hear them- shouting, red-faced, and shrieking. Before you know it, you’re surrounded…  Here come the know-it-all parents.  Whether they’re chewing your

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