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Promoting perinatal wellbeing, workplace awareness of FGM, and coaching for women

mental health and pregnancy

Some women struggle with mental health issues around pregnancy

Perinatal problems can have lasting effects on new parents, their baby and their circle of family and friends.

Before launching Recognize I worked as a nurse and a midwife. I was aware of the struggle some women encounter before, during and after pregnancy. Tragically this often goes unnoticed as new mothers feel under pressure to live up to being a great mother. If untreated, perinatal problems can lead to worsening mental health and even suicide.

I was only too aware that as a midwife or nurse there simply weren’t the resources available to tackle perinatal wellbeing. Finally, I reached a point where I couldn’t continue without doing something about it. Recognize Ltd is my response to years of frustration and concern. Ultimately my aim is for every mum to have free coaching, paid for by the NHS. In the meanwhile, I’m providing a workplace wellbeing programme, and one-to-one coaching for perinatal women.

“PND is often unrecognised by healthcare workers. The ladies suffering often don’t want to admit that they have a problem, as you feel as though by doing so that you are not a good mum and something is wrong with you. Greater acknowledgement and support will help new mums realise they are not bad, wrong or different, and that they are in fact normal with the same feelings every other new mum has.”
wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Those of us who work full-time spend around a quarter of our lives in the workplace. During our working hours we’re surrounded by colleagues who are dealing with any number of personal issues which may be affecting their mental health. A workplace that is open to acknowledging anxieties that may be impacting employees will experience less sickness absence, achieve greater productivity, and hold onto staff for longer.

one to one coaching

The Value of One-to-One Coaching

This gives women the opportunity to explore issues that might be concerning them. Sometimes a new, or expectant mum will know something’s wrong, but they won’t know how to describe how they feel. An experienced coach will be able to ask questions that help mums define what they’re experiencing, and find strategies for managing their emotional state. Most important, they know there’s care and support at this vulnerable time.

one to one coaching

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